National Skilled Trades Day was created in 2019, in Youngstown, Ohio to recognize the vital tradespeople responsible for building houses, managing our energy infrastructure, serving as our first responders and police officers, helping in the medical field, and so much more.

Patriot Fence is incredibly proud to be part of these foundational professions that provide safety, security & recreation to our communities.

As we continue to grow, our passion for installing fences, gates & guardrail also grows.

Here’s why:

We asked a few of our team members which project(s) they feel proud of, and their answers did not dissapoint.

Eagle Tower and any Armory projects because I love being able to provide a service to help out our military, and becasue state parks are important.”

Scannell because of the scope.”

Materion MKE becasue it was my first time on the job as an office worker and it was inside, which you don’t think of when you think of fence usually, and I was able to help put some of it up!”

Menomonee Falls Village Park because it provides safe and inclusive play for our families and it’s somewhere I can take my kids to play and show them how Patriot Fence was a part of building it.”

Scannell because we helped the customer get what they wanted and now they are interested in being a returning customer because they were happy with our services. Same with City of Madison ballparks and the energy substations.”

“The gate at SubZero because that one was such a custom job.”

“I’m proud of all of them because I work hard to do my best on all our projects.”

Grafton HS football field because it added beauty – it’s a very asthetically pleasing project.”

“The Caravel Autism playgrounds are cool and so are any of the schools we do because we’re helping kids learn, play and stay safe.”

As you can see fencing is an essential skilled trade that adds value to any project. Learn more about our team & story here! We’d love for you to join our mission.