You know what they say:

“April showers bring May fences”

Fence-work that is.

It’s no surprise that construction is on the rise when infrastructure is a focus of the times.

And because commercial fences and gates are essential for the safety and security of such structures, our fencing industry is also on an upward trajectory.

April’s unpredictable weather always leads to a fast-start come May that carries on through the summer and fall seasons.  Luckily we have a new crew who are eager to put their newly learned skills to work after getting a good base knowledge over the winter season.  We even had our very first Patriot Fence Winter Workshop with them!  You can read more about it here.

Rookies and veterans alike, our commercial fencing crews do an outstanding job at their craft and you can tell they care about the quality of their [art]work.  We are proud to support them throughout another strong season of hands-on fieldwork and look forward to celebrating our successes as a team!

While you’re here, check out our current openings.

We’re a growing company & always looking for people to grow with us!