Since 1970, Earth Day has occurred each year on April 22.

And since 1993, Patriot Fence has worked diligently to meet & exceed the needs of our community.

What both of these timestamps have in common is safety & security.


We celebrate Earth Day to recognize the vital resources this planet provides us with, and to – hopefully – continue making strides towards sustainable safety & security.

Here at Patriot Fence, we show up day in & day out to also provide our customers, employees, and vendors with safety & security in various vital ways:

1) Income stability

2) Project stability

3) Asset stability

4) Growth stability


To be able to sustainably protect & grow one’s assets, be it daily income or seasonal projects, is one of our fundamental missions as a company.


This same mission is mirrored in society’s efforts to honor our globe so it too can be protected & grow – because it is truly our biggest asset & permanent, primary project.