The votes are in on affordable housing construction in Wisconsin:  

Should the state do more to encourage the construction of affordable housing?

65% Yes

35% No

Source: poll


“Lawmakers in the state Assembly passed legislation Tuesday [January 21st] that would set aside $10 million to encourage the construction of affordable housing in rural counties,” the Daily Reporter notes.  “The proposal comes on the heels of a pair of reports that, when presented to the Legislature this fall, called attention to the state’s slump in the construction of workforce housing. One report found that employment on subdivision projects has dropped by 61% since 2005, even as the state’s employment figures have generally recovered since the 2008 recession.”

According to the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA), the state continues to back the building progress, issuing a $140 million housing revenue bond supporting 12 apartment projects with 931 units of affordable and workforce rental housing. 

Patriot Fence is excited to be a part of this advancement toward minimizing housing burdens and maximizing construction jobs as we finish up furnishing the fence at the newly renovated Friar House Flats located in Green Bay, WI, offering affordable housing to low to moderate income households in Brown County through The Housing Tax Credit Program under WHEDA.

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